About Our Fabrics


ARI FABRIC - our most compressive fabric, designed to with hold even the highest impact workouts. Offering a four-way stretch, breathable-compression and wicks away moisture to keep you cool throughout your entire workout.

LUNA FABRIC - provides a luxurious, barely-there feel that can take you effortlessly from workout to work day. Buttery soft and ultra smooth, this sleek, do-it-all fabric takes athleisure to a whole new level of luxury.

ELEVATE FABRIC - used in our best selling sweatpants and hoodies, our Elevate Fabric didn't get it's name for nothing. Lightweight, stretchy and versatile, this fabric can be worn during the most intense workouts or for Sunday's lounging around the house.

TRANQUILITY FABRIC - the newest addition, this ribbed fabric provides a luxurious, weightless feel that you can wear effortlessly from the gym to lounging at home. This fabric is perfect for the days you're needing that extra level of comfort.

NOVA FABRIC - the Nova fabric takes comfort to a whole new level. Made with a premium, mid-weight fleece with an ultra soft-brushed feel. our nova fabric blend is perfect for lounging.